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Natural medicine widely holds that the health of the largest organ in our body, namely the skin that envelopes our entire body is closely linked to the balance of all our bodily systems. Of particular importance is our skin’s close link to the balance of the body’s digestive and immune systems. Ayurvedic traditional medicine specifically recommends ‘cooling’ and ‘blood and liver purifying’ herbs to fend off accumulation of harmful substances, often referred to as toxins. Gone untreated, such toxic toxins accumulation may lead to various illnesses and blemishes.

Psederol capsules offer a dietary supplement firmly based on Ayurveda, the traditional Indian holistic-complementary medicine, . The capsules contain high-quality concentrated extracts of 6 different herbs which have been traditionally used for thousands of years to treat and maintain a healthy balance.

*Psederol is not a medication.

** Psederol is patent pending.

PSEDEROL is the product of a rich therapeutic experience based on the Ayurvedic medicine approach.

Psederol is product based on an eight-month long field-study conducted to evaluate the efficacy of the capsules on the conditions of 25 volunteers.

For further information about the herbs in the capsules.

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Psederol – Advantages

  • Our field-study indicated beneficial early effects of the capsules in most cases within the first 4 weeks of use
  • To achieve maximal benefit participants were advised to take Psederol capsules for at least 6 months
  • Psederol capsules offer a simple treatment protocol taken twice daily, morning and evening
  • Psederol contains natural extracts from plants used by Indian Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years
  • The herbs used to manufacture Psederol capsules are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health
  • Psederol capsules are manufactured by Bara Tzemachim company, the leading Israeli company manufacturing plant-based dietary supplements.
  • The company is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Medicine and operates under a closely monitored quality control following the strictest international standards
  • Psederol is a natural product
  • Psederol does not contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, or any preservative agents
  • Psederol is vegetarian as well as vegan-friendly product
  • Psederol is a Kosher product, under the supervision of Badatz Chatam Yosef, Bnei Brak


*Noteworthy Clarifications

  • In the interest of full disclosure, it is important to note that all benefits attributed to the dietary supplement, Psederol, as well to the information included on our website, are based on the traditional treatment approaches anchored in Holistic medicine. These approaches are not scientifically-based and the term ‘medicinal herbs’ refers to the widely accepted definition of these herbs in the traditional Ayurvedic herbal medicine.
  • The efficacy of treading patients with Psederol was not yet scientifically proven and the field-study we conducted on our participants does not constitute a scientific proof to the efficacy of the product.
  • Psederol is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women. Children and people who take prescription medication should consult a physician prior to using it.


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