Shipments and returns

Type of shipment Order amount Cost   Delivery time
Pickup Free Coordinate by phone/text
Courier 1 Bottle 29.9 NIS 1 – 5 Business days
2 Bottles 19.9 NIS 1 – 5 Business days
3 Bottles and more Free 1 – 5 Business days

Delivery method

Products purchased on the PSEDEROL website are delivered to the customer, via courier, up to the shipping address (home delivery), which was entered during the purchase. The products are delivered by an external shipping company.

Shipping areas

Our courier company reaches localities from Metula in the north to Eilat in the south. Cities and localities beyond the Green Line – delivery time up to 10 business days.

Supply is subject to reasonable accessibility (infrastructure, security restrictions, etc.).

Delivery of the products up to the shipping address is made for addresses within the State of Israel only.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, it may not be possible to provide deliveries to certain localities in Israel (including in accordance with the guidelines and policies of the external shipping company) even though those localities are included in the territory of the State of Israel.

Pimago Ltd may change and update the shipping costs from time to time and the binding information in this regard will be presented to the customer when placing the order on the website.

The shipping costs listed above do not include exceptional transportation (transportation that requires additional manpower or special means) and / or delivery outside the borders of the State of Israel. In the event of an unusual shipment as stated above, Pimago Ltd will be entitled to cancel the order at its discretion, or offer the customer to make the shipment at an additional cost.

The cost of the shipping fee, if any, will appear in a separate section on the transaction invoice that will be forwarded to the customer.

For International shipping, the shipping cost will be calculated separately for each order – Please contact us at

Delivery time and activity days

The days of activity of the delivery service are: Sunday-Thursday. The hours of operation of the delivery service vary depending on the delivery area.

Delivery times

Delivery of the product in major cities will usually be up to 5 business days from the business day the order was received and processed on the site, except for delivery to addresses in a number of remote localities including the Golan Heights, Jordan Valley, northern border, Dead Sea, Eilat and Arava, and other cities and towns beyond the Green Line (green border), where delivery will be up to 10 business days (excluding collection day).

All orders are processed and shipped on business days only (Sunday to Thursday, not including holiday eves and holidays). Orders picked up on Fridays or Saturdays will only be processed on the following Sunday.

In periods prior to the Israeli holidays, during the holiday itself and during the Internet holidays (November, December and closing days) there may be delays in distribution times.

Delivery coordination

The date of delivery of the products to the shipping address is coordinated independently by the shipping company. The day after the coordination is made, the customer will receive an SMS message in which the matched date will be displayed, as well as a link to the system that allows the coordinated date to be changed or confirmed. On the day of the coordinated delivery, the customer will receive a reminder message by SMS message.

To streamline shipping, we recommend that the shipping address you enter be the address you stay at most of the day (residential address, place of work, etc.). We also recommend that when entering your details, indicate a location for leaving the shipment in the space –  “Where to leave the shipment in case there is no answer?”, Where the courier can leave the shipment if you are not at the address when the courier arrives. Pimago Ltd. will not be liable for any damage and / or loss or other indirect or consequential damage of any kind, which will happen to the shipment as a result of leaving it in the alternative location.

If the customer does not specify an alternative location for leaving the shipment, the shipping company will make another attempt to coordinate the shipment and then the shipment will be returned to Pimago. Should a return shipment be required, the customer will be charged the full cost of the return shipment.

Cancellation of order and returns

The order cancellation policy will be subject to the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: “the Consumer Protection Law”), and the provisions of the following section shall not derogate from it.

The purchase order of a product can be canceled from the date of the order until 14 days from the date of receipt of the actual product or from the date of receipt of the order confirmation – whichever is later.

If, after placing an order on the website, it becomes clear that the product is out of stock and / or that it cannot be delivered, an e-mail will be sent to the customer (or the company representative will contact him by phone) informing him of the cancellation of ordering the same product without charge and / or refunding his money (as the case may be) and the customer will not have any claim against the company for this.

Customer service and contact

The shipping policy outlined above applies to placing orders on the PSEDEROL.COM website only. Regarding Pimago’s Ltd policy regarding purchase by telephone order and / or any other distribution channel, the customer will be provided with information upon request when making the purchase.

For any issue or problem regarding the delivery and delivery of PSEDEROL you can contact the email address:

Or by text message – WhatsApp / SMS to 050-543-2647.


Self-collection must be arranged in advance(!) using WhatsApp or SMS text to the number: 050-543-2647

Address: “Israeli Center for Ayurveda”, Brodecki 43, entrance A, 3rd floor, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv.

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