What is Psederol? What is it made of?

Psederol is a dietary health supplement made from six herbs..

Is Psederol licensed for use?

All the ingredients in the Psederol capsules are approved to use by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

What, if any, are the side effect using Psederol?

While using the product no harmful adverse side effects were noted.

Is Psederol safe for long term use?

The product is entirely safe for ongoing use.

Can Psederol affect all areas of the body?

The product does affect all areas of the body. No beneficiary effect on the joints problems was observed.

Was any research conducted on the use of Psederol?

The beneficial efficacy of the Psederol capsules was not tested in a controlled clinical study. We conducted a pilot study of the product with 25 patients who heard about the study through the Israeli society for Psoriasis. Participants showed an average of 72% improvement when measured against their condition at the start of the study.

What is the recommended daily dose of Psederol capsules? Should they be taken before or after a meal?

It is recommended to take 2 Psederol capsules twice a day in the morning and in evening. It is recommended to take the capsules on an empty stomach, 20-30 minutes prior to consuming food.

How long will a standard Unit of Psedderol last?

A standard unit of Psederol supplement will last for three and a half weeks when following the recommended standard dosage.

Will I need to take Psederol supplement for the rest of my life?

It is recommended to continue taking 2-4 Psederol capsules daily as a preventative/prophylactic treatment

What happens if I stop taking Psederol supplement?

Our study indicated that two thirds of participants in the pilot study experienced a gradual recurrence of their symptoms once they stopped taking the supplement.

Can I take Psedeol with other medications?

Please consult with your physician

Can I use Psederol if I have other illness/condition?

Please consult with your physician

Can I maintain my usual lifestyle while using Psederol?

It is totally possible to maintain one’s regular lifestyle while taking this supplement. It is, however, recommended to avoid eating spicy foods and drinking orange and grapefruit (citrus) juice on a daily basis.

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