“Do you use Pasderol? Wonderful! This is the place to share your experience. Tell us about your impression of the product, and the process you go through as a result of using it.”

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. David Sides says:

    I have been suffering from psoriatic arthritis for several years, combined with A.S arthritis, fibromyalgia and a few other “gifts”.
    Because I am receiving a biological medicine for the joints, it is not possible to get another biologic medicine for Psoriasis.
    As a result, in recent years, I have learned to live with the use of medications, ointments, oils, soaps and other products that have helped a little.
    I received a recommendation from the Israeli Psoriasis Association and tried the new product PSEDEROL.
    To my great joy, in a short time, the skin problems on my hands, feet, groins and face began to disappear, all when I stopped using any product other than it.
    My dose was increased and everything passed as if it were not…
    After about a year of treatment, I stopped using the product and unfortunately, all the symptoms started to come back like they were before.
    So, I went back to using it and the situation improved again.
    Highly recommend the product.
    David Sides

  2. TK says:

    I chose to use the PSEDEROL supplement for Psoriasis, as there was an advertisement on the website of the “Israeli Psoriasis Association” that it can help and it is natural, and I was looking for something non-medicated and does not contain steroids.
    During the period of using the capsules I felt a reduction in symptoms, I had much less itching, and the dandruff went down a lot. The lesions did not go away but they were very much stabilized.
    I feel today that the supplement is helping me, and that I have a way to get help.
    That is why I recommend anyone who has Psoriasis to use the supplement, because it is natural and can only help.

  3. Shlomo Lechay says:

    I was recommended the PSEDEROL supplement for psoriasis. I was skeptical because I have been suffering from the disease for many years, and there is no medicine I have not tried.
    After less than a month, the results really surprised me! The improvement was significant. Thanks!

  4. Yaara Shchory says:

    I contracted Psoriasis after the Yom Kippur War which left me with a lot of stress, during serving in the army. As part of my fight against Psoriasis, I searched and heard about the dietary supplement – PSEDEROL. I took the capsules for several months and during this time my condition improved a lot. The lesions were greatly weakened and some disappeared. The skin pains stopped as well as the redness and dandruff. Plus, the itching stopped almost completely.
    I continue to take the supplement regularly, and I highly recommend its use to all Psoriasis patients, and hope that the supplement will help and improve your condition.

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